International Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Musician: fusion of Progressive Powerfolk, Blues, Jazz, African rhythms, World Music.

Born in the UK, Vincent McCallum has lived in Portugal since the age of two. His life has been music. He learned to play the guitar (by himself) and has performed many concerts travelling around Europe. He has appeared at festivals and renowned halls, of which we refer the Pavilhão Atlântico, Aula Magna (Lisbon), CCB, Avante Festival among many others.

Vincent has composed and recorded several albums, produced national and international artists, promoted shows in Portugal, namely James, Marillion, Fish, Roger Hodgson, Asia, INXS, Steve Hackett, John Lee Hooker Jr, also tributes such as The Musical Box (Genesis), Off the Wall (Pink Floyd), Killer Queen, among others. McCallum has Scottish roots, raised in Portugal, a land that has seen him grow up. Bard philanthropist, owner of a singular voice with its own musical sense, he has recorded in English and Portuguese – some with both Languages. Recognized by IPAE / Ministry of Culture as a singer songwriter (British) that can express himself equally well in both languages. It’s as if he took into the other a piece of the first, enriching it with idiosyncrasies and personality.

The truth is that it only takes a few seconds to recognize that the voice and music of Vincent McCallum are filled with emotions of a particular world. Honesty and independence have left marks of a painful freedom. The words come out with the knowledge of a sage, the sour mood of a convicted soul on songs reduced to the essential. Not that the songs are stripped or minimal because they boast of delicate arrangements, as do the productions of great performers.

The music is a harmonious fusion of Progressive PowerFolk with Jazz, Blues, Country, Latin and African influences, this is a sound that the market has not distorted, where there are true emotions and urgency of denouncing injustice and to celebrate life. The themes with social and critical load are eternal: love, redemption, life memories … fraternity, things that many people would rather forget.

Press :

“Vincent McCallum, British born and Portugese raised, seems to have been playing and writing music all his life.”

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