The Code = 6
  • Genre:Rock / Pop
  • Release date:03 Feb 2010

The Code = 6

  1. We're Borrowing Time
  2. Purple Penguin
  3. Tempos Que J· L· V
  4. Dry Stone
  5. By The Ocean
  6. They're The Ones To Blame

Songs 1 to 4 : Recorded and produced by Lothar McCallum at JDO Portugal

Special Guests: Stella Midgly (Slide guitar/Guitar/Vocals) ; Ben Appleby (Saxofone) /

The Code : Vin (Guitar & Vocals), Lothar (Drums), Fran (Bass) / By The Ocean : Produced by Ramon Galatza, Recorded at Tcha, Tcha, Tcha and JDO Portugal, Special Guests:Ramon Galatza (Drums), Maurinho (Bass), Daniela SÛ (Vocals) / They’re The One To Blame : Produced by Vincent McCallum and recorded at JDO Portugal. All Music and Lyrics by Vincent McCallum